Aide et Action

Initiative for Livelihood Education and Development (iLEAD), Trivandrum and Bilaspur, India

International development organisation Aide et Action runs educational programmes across over 25 developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Its work helping underprivileged people improve their own lives makes it a perfect fit with TFWA Care’s stated objectives, and the charity’s iLEAD project in India shows just how effective the approach can be.

Since 2013, the support of TFWA Care has helped Aide et Action’s iLEAD project successfully train hundreds of young people in Trivandrum and Bilaspur, placing them in employment and thereby helping them to improve their living conditions and those of their families. With priority given to girls and young women from marginalized communities such as dalits and landless people where over 80% of beneficiaries live below the poverty line and annual household income of less than Rs.36,000 (US$580).

The objectives of iLEAD programme are as follows:

  • To create entry-level employment opportunities for marginalised youth, focusing especially on the poorest sections of Indian society
  • To bring about a reduction in the number of people living below the poverty line in the areas concerned
  • To encourage personality development, life skills and forward and backward linkages for trainees, thus enhancing their quality of life
  • To help those trainees showing exceptional aptitude and interest emerge as successful entrepreneurs and catalysts to generate employment opportunities for others
  • To advocate the adoption of similar approaches in private and state-run training programmes focusing on employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The programme includes regular contact with local industries and businesses with a view to adapting the course content and providing work placements, while the focus for recruitment continues to be on the most marginalized sections of Indian society. Through iLEAD, Aide et Action continues to seek an end to the poverty cycle in India.

iLEAD Project full presentation

This video introduces a full presentation of Aide et Action iLEAD concept, TFWA completed project results with integration of young people in local companies.

iLEAD video presentation

An iLEAD project with TFWA

Project in 2018

With its highly effective and successful program, TFWA Care will once again fund the continuation of Aide et Action’s iLEAD project to offer training and work placements to disadvantaged youths. Aide et Action will train 300 young people originating from families living below the poverty line in Bilaspur. Through iLEAD’s Enterprise Development Model (EDMI), the selected candidates will receive the proper training and the right tools to improve or learn new skill sets. From electrical or automobile vocational courses, iLEAD will support their progress in this journey with the ultimate goal to empower the beneficiaries and bring what they have learned back home to their communities.

iLEAD has already changed many lives for the better and, with TFWA Care’s continuing support, Aide et Action is determined to do more.

Video documentary on the day of launch

Employability to Entrepreneurship

iLEAD Enterprise Development Model & Skill Training Centers Launch Event

Project in 2017

The TFWA Care partnership with Aide et Action enabled the vocational training of 300 young people from poor and marginalized areas of Bilaspur with focused on young women. The project gave the participants better opportunities to earn their livelihood through iLEAD’s entrepreneurship training. The funding helped achieved the following objectives:


  • Created entry level employment opportunities for marginalised youth from economically weaker sections of Indian society
  • Established entrepreneurial model units on an end to end basis
  • Helped reduced the number of people living below the poverty line
  • Provided the necessary skills for personality development and gave the right tools to enhance their quality of life and that of their families
  • Helped trained youths with exceptional aptitude and interest to emerge as successful entrepreneurs to generate more employment opportunities
  • Helped its advocacy program to adopt similar approaches in private and state-run training focused on employability and entrepreneurship opportunities

Last year’s programme succesfully achieved its objectives thanks to the cooperation through regular contact with local industries and businesses.   Aide et Action was able to accomplish its goals and continue the recruitment. TFWA Care's aid enabled hundreds of iLEAD graduates in 2017 to find work and help contribute to cease the poverty cycle in India.