Enfants du Mékong

The charitable organisation Enfants du Mékong grew from the creation of the Association des amis du pensionnat Saint-Joseph in Laos in 1958. Its mission is to educate and train young people in south-east Asia to enable them to improve their living conditions, and it now operates in seven different countries in the region through sponsorship programmes and the development of infrastructure for education.

Quality education is the first step to eradicate poverty in developing countries. In Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines, the level of academic establishments do not always allow the students to meet the required level expected by employers. Also, many children live very far away from the cities where those establishments are located. Hence Enfants du Mekong has decided to start running educational centres that allow children to be fostered, taken care of, fed and helped in their studies with extra classes.

2014 saw the beginning of TFWA Care’s support for Enfants du Mékong, through the construction of a boarding house for senior high school and university students at Inle Lake in a remote region of Burma. In the following years, our support was extended in the Philippines’s province of Cebu where families often struggle to send their children to school.

Project in 2018

The educational system in Myanmar has suffered from major dysfunction and a terrible lack of resources caused by the decades of dictatorship in the nation. Outside its capital, there are hardly schools that can accommodate its youth. Primary schools are normally in the main village but one usually must walk miles to town to continue middle school and high school.

This year TFWA Care will fund the enlargement of the current primary school at Sisong Village, a remote village located up in the mountains bordering between the south of Shan and Kayah State of Myanmar. Sisong is accessible only by simple trails on foot or motorbike with only one primary school up to the 7th grade for the rest of its neighboring villages. After 7th grade, every child must move to a different town and it is usually a few hours by car from Sisong otherwise they must live in another home if available or affordable. Because of this situation, many of the locals are forced to stop schooling at this stage due to lack of resources. The new partnership will extend the current school in Sisong up to a high school level. Once the construction is finished, a new building will contain 3 classrooms to accommodate grades 8, 9 and 10.

Every girl and every boy should have the right to a quality education so that they can have more chances in life. The main objective of the project is to:

  • Build access to school for children coming from remote villages
  • Avoid at all cost school dropout of Sisong students after 7th grade
  • Improve the school conditions of the students by creating additional space to accommodate more future incoming students
  • Continue educational support in the village where assistance is beginning to bear fruit and awareness of the importance of education is increasing

TFWA Care is proud to partner once again with Enfants du Mekong this year and give the children of Sisong and its neighboring villages a chance to receive basic primary education.

Sisong primary school official opening

With the Philippines’s large and young population, job opportunities are scarce and the competition is very high. While the country showed a surge of economic growth in the last five years, the distribution of wealth has not necessarily touched every household. The poverty rate remains very high in the Philippines especially in its rural areas. In its far off provinces, parents are not able to afford their children’s schooling.

Last year, TFWA Care continued its support to 20 students at Enfants de Mékong’s education center in Cebu. Hand in hand, the partnership lifted some of the financial burden in their families and provided them with scholarship, accommodation and mentorship to help them acquire the necessary life skills. Major progress was achieved to the beneficiaries thanks to the quality education at Enfants de Mekong’s centres and the mentorship they have received outside the classrooms have empowered the students to better prepare themselves for the real world.

TFWA Care was proud to work with Enfants de Mékong to have enabled to send these young adults to the right path.