What TFWA Care did for... Lovedale Foundation Trust

The Lovedale Foundation Trust is a non-profit, secular organization seeking to empower and educate women and children in some of India’s most deprived areas. Its mission is to empower the less privileged children, disabled and underprivileged people through developmental initiatives focusing on educational, socio-economic, cultural and technological aspects.

The charity’s stated mission is to "promote social inclusion and democratic governance so that the vulnerable sections of our society, particularly women and young people plus persons with disabilities, are empowered to effectively and decisively participate in mainstream development and the decision-making process”.


Lovedale supports all beneficiaries with no discrimination on caste, religion or race. Since its creation, the foundation has worked hard to find support from agencies and philanthropists, and more than half of its income comes from international companies and private donors.

Various studies, as well as Lovedale’s experience, have shown that when we help women and empower them, all of society benefits. Their families are healthier, children go to school, income levels improve and communities become more prosperous. But unfortunately in India, far from being empowered, many women are denied even their basic rights like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society.


According to Human Development Report (2009), 88% of pregnant women (age 15-49) were found to be suffering from anaemia. India has a dangerously imbalanced sex ratio, the chief reason being female infanticides and sex-selective abortions. According to UNICEF’s "State of the World’s Children 2015” report, 47% of India's women aged 20–24 were married before the legal age of 18.


Lovedale’s Parivarthan project, meaning "change”, was initiated in 2015 to address these challenges through a simple yet effective approach. Functioning as an NGO for women and children Lovedale Foundation has strategically formulated a programme to improve the lives of young girls, empower the poor and support female development. The programme is specifically aimed at the realization of both individual and collective self-esteem and inner strength for marginalized and socially excluded women and adolescent girls.


The Parivarthan project operates a mobile clinic offering child health and reproductive health services, helping to ensure girls and young women are treated safely and securely. The programme also features an educational component intended to bring about attitudinal and behavioural changes and to provide counselling for those in need.


TFWA Care will be providing most of the funds required to enhance and maintain the Parivarthan project in 2016.

Project in 2015

Lovedale Community Nutrition Project is a pilot two-year project to provide nutritional supplements to underprivileged communities for the promotion of health and to build nutrition awareness.


Its objectives are as follows:

  • To raise nutritional level of pregnant and lactating women and children under 8 through targeted health programmes
  • To contribute to the growth and development of future generations through nutrition programmes, thereby contributing to the process of healthy nation building
  • To improve food security among children, pregnant women and lactating mothers in underprivileged rural communities
  • To strengthen nutrition supplement programmes in communities and orphanages.


Beneficiaries of the proposed project are women and children in rural areas, orphans and destitute people in selected parts of the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andra Pradesh and Orissa. Lovedale expects that about 5,000,000 people will benefit from the nutrition awareness programmes with a further 5,000 members undergoing supplementary nutrition programmes in the first year of the project.