Nosy Komba Solidarité

This highly efficient project, tackling malnutrition and infectious diseases in the rapidly expanding village of Ampangorina on the Madagascan island of Nosy Komba, has been supported by TFWA Care for the past few years following its nomination by Parfums Christian Dior.

The rapid expansion of Ampangorina highlights the negative impact tourism can sometimes have on local people. As more of the island’s community have switched from traditional farming and fishing to tourist-driven activities, the village population has grown without adequate infrastructure support from the government. The result has been the spread of malnutrition and infectious diseases due to poor hygiene, inconsistent water and electricty supply and lack of waste treatment.


The charity aims to fight endemic infectious diseases, improve the living conditions of local people and contribute to the sustainable and ecological development of Ampangorina.


Arnaud de Gaujac

Project in 2017

This year, TFWA Care will team up once again with Nosy Komba Solidarité to support its efforts to fight dysentery and promote better hygiene in the villages of Ampangorina and Antitorono. This year’s aid aims to find a permanent solution to provide villagers with access to clean water and basic sanitation. TFWA’s funding will enable NKS to:

  • Finish the construction of sanitation blocks in order to improve hygiene conditions
  • Continue the renovation of the water pipe system to provide access to clean water 
  • Find a durable system to collect and dispose of daily refuse that is causing a high infant mortality rate 
  • Build an accessible and secure pathway to link the two neighbouring villages of Ampangorina and Antitorono and keep it free of waste in surrounding areas. 

Past projects 2013-2016

Since 2013, TFWA Care has partnered with Nosy Komba Solidarité to support its efforts to improve the quality of life in the remote villages of Madagascar.

In 2013-14 TFWA Care enabled NKS to focus its efforts on improving the quality of sanitation and hygiene for the people of Ampangorina. The first target was the creation of new facilities and the renovation of existing water piping systems. The new toilet blocks built in the village and the construction of a new sewer made a huge difference to improve hygiene awareness among the villagers.

In 2016, NKS and TFWA Care continued its fight against epidemics and infectious diseases that cause high death rates particularly among the most vulnerable people. With our aid, the village of Ampangorina was able to construct sanitation blocks and renovate its water piping system. It was a step towards finding a lasting solution to properly collect and dispose of household refuse to significantly reduce infectious diseases and epidemics that cause high infant mortality rates.