What TFWA Care did for... CEW Les Centres de Beauté

Cancer patients often watch themselves physically deteriorate during chemo treatment. While the treatment works to heal you on the inside, the relief does not match how one looks and feels on the outside. With a firm conviction that it is important to look good in order to feel well, CEW touches the lives of so many and offer a special support to cancer patients to move forward and battle this terrible life changing disease.

Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) is an international association created by the perfume and cosmetics industry. Since 1998, Les Centres de Beauté of CEW France provides beauty therapy to cancer patients whose appearance and self-esteem have been severely affected from chemotherapy. Its main charitable activity is the operation of beauty centres at hospitals where beauticians play an important role on helping women regain their self-esteem during this long and arduous process.

With its proven method of helping boost one’s self-esteem through beauty therapy, CEW beauticians other important life-saving role is focused on teen agers who are suffering from major psychological problems.  At La Maison de Solenn of Hospital Cochin in Paris, teen agers from ages 11 to 18 with anorexia, bulimia, phobia, and depression just to name a few are receiving beauty and aroma therapy to help them beat such mental diseases to keep them on the right path.     

Project in 2018

This year, TFWA Care will continue to fund CEW’s good work to help and intervene with the aid of its expert beauticians.  We will continue to help women and teen agers battle their fight against mental depression that goes hand in hand with cancer, bulimia, anorexia and obesity. The physical changes and mental toll wrought on by these diseases can leave a permanent scar.  They have the potential to alter the body image as well as the sense of well-being especially for women and adolescents- making them feel less attractive more than ever before.

Saint-Antoine Hospital

Beauty therapy for 800 patients for 150 days will be given to female adults where 80% are mothers. CEW beauticians will be in placed to help them regain their self-esteem while suffering from massive hair and nail loss and extreme dry skin.  The comfort and relaxation given during the beauty therapy goes a long way to help these women regain the courage to battle the daily side effects of the drugs and chemotherapy.

La Maison de Solenn - Cochin Hospital 

Beauty and olfactory therapy will be provided to 500 teen agers from 11-18 years of age over the course of 100 days.  CEW beauticians will help the already fragile self-esteem of these teenagers and boost their morale as they have become prone to severe mental depression and eating disorders.
With special care, the therapy not only lifts their morale but it also gives them a sense of belonging in their community. 


Project in 2017

TFWA Care started its financial assistance to CEW’s beauty centres at Saint Antoine and Cochin Hospital last year.  As a result, the TFWA Care fund helped eased the daily lives with special beauty treatments from CEW’s experts. The aid touched the lives of many cancer patients with beauty treatments to women and teen agers who were suffering from severe mental depression and eating disorder.

For cancer patients, it can often be difficult to find a reason to smile but with an hour of manicure and pedicure and with good company - can give you a good reason to do so.  We hope that the testament shared below - will give you a reason to smile, too.

From Olivia, a CEW beauty treatment recipient:

I was so thunderstruck when I was told I was suffering breast cancer and that I would lose one, maybe both breasts, that I did not want to talk to anybody, whether at the hospital or with my friends. I had the feeling that I would never be a normal woman after the surgery. I felt guilty thinking about my femininity while the most important thing was to stay alive for my newborn child and my husband.

Two days after my mastectomy, the CEW beautician came to my room (sent by the nurse) and explained to me that I was going to face many changes in my appearance and skin comfort and that she could help me to overcome these alterations for free. She looked so cheerful and understanding that I told her all my fears for the present and the future. She said that the psychiatrist and herself could help me to fight against these fears and recover my morale and my femininity during my stay at the hospital and then during my stays at the day hospital.

After my second mastectomy I am still coming to the hospital every 3 weeks for chemotherapy. Difficult day! But I am very fortunate because the CEW beautician, Olga, manages to give me one hour of treatment each time.

I want to explain how important this moment is for me.

When I was staying at the hospital, the beautician was very supportive and positive (in the perfect way, not too much!) explaining what was or will be happening to my hair, my eyebrows, my nails, my skin and how to make up. She helped me to look almost normal when my family, specifically my husband, were with me. She showed me how to do it myself when I get back home.

Now during my day of chemotherapy, she is the positive moment of the day.

When I was back home, my husband offered to take me to the beautician in town. But it is so different. It is embarrassing to take the wig off, to show my scars. I fear that they won’t know how to treat me, or that they will use the wrong product. And you have to sign a paper saying that the beautician is not responsible for anything! She does not understand my weaknesses or my needs and looks at me with pity.

When I am with the CEW beautician in IGR I do not feel like a patient. Each time the care is different. Either make up or modelage or, when I feel exhausted, a full body cream application or a manicure.

I am thoroughly grateful to CEW France and its supporters for the efficient and human help at such a difficult moment in my life.

One might think a cancer patient’s only main concern is the disease and their physical appearance or their vanity is secondary. This is not always the case.  Over the past eight years TFWA Care has helped enable CEW to provide more than 180,000 beauty treatments to 98,000 patients at the Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR). Not all of the beneficiaries are women, around 15% are men. Doctors and nurses at IGR increasingly recognize the benefits that these treatments bring – and the service is greatly appreciated by the patients themselves. TFWA Care is proud to help make a difference in their daily lives.