What TFWA Care did for... One Sight

When the world sees better, the world lives better. Yet 1.1 billion people (1 in 7) across the world, from school-aged children to the elderly in communities around the globe, have a clinical need for glasses but either cannot afford them or are unable to access an eye clinic. As a result, they are disadvantaged in learning, working, and contributing to their communities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80% of causes of visual impairment are preventable or curable. Existing remedies, like distribution of free "reader” glasses, offer only partial or temporary solutions. These efforts are financially unsustainable and are not customized to match patients’ prescriptions or address their full clinic needs. OneSight created a market-based solution that equips and empowers local authorities and other partners to establish self-sustaining "vision centres” within their existing healthcare systems.  From its successful OneSight Solution project in the Gambia, patients of the vision centers received an eye exam, affordable high-quality glasses that met their precise prescription and other clinical needs.  It has alleviated the vision care crisis in a community with significant educational and economic benefits and as a result:


  • Students will be twice as effective in school (Source: Stanford University Rural Education Action Program).
  • Employees will be 35% more productive at work and earn up to 20% more per year (Source: William Davidson Institute).
  • Local communities will expand and enhance locally-provided health services.
  • Local economies will be stimulated by new jobs and job training.
  • Countries will create a viable solution that advances citizens’ quality of life.

The OneSight solution aligns public, private, and social sector players in order to build awareness, establish value, and consistently deliver a meaningful, quality result for partners and patients. It also incorporates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and answers the call from the WHO for cross-sector collaboration to achieve universal eye health.

By the end of 2016, the OneSight solution will be completely rolled out in Gambia, ending the vision care crisis for the approximate 500 thousand Gambians. Based on the Gambia success story, OneSight will now bring a customized program to Rwanda with the support of TFWA Care this year to ensure 4.3 million people will receive the proper eye care.   Hand in hand, we hope for the vision care crisis in Rwanda will be solved with one community eye care centre at a time.